Monday, April 30, 2012

Meet the Fam

Happy Monday, everyone!
I hope your weeks are filled with fun, relaxation, productivity, and pizza! (oh, you don't like starting your week off with cold pizza for breakfast? neither?)

I thought I would introduce my cat Schrödinger (Schrodi for short) and husband Samuel (Sam for short).
Schrodi as a kitten
Schrodi now, 2 years old

He was named after this guy and his famous thought experiment by my husband who is a physicist (with a concentration in cosmology, for those who are interested).  And yes, we have seen The Big Bang Theory, and yes, our lives do mirror those of Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard.  We're a couple of science and math nerds.

Speaking of my husband, here is that mighty good man:

Sam and I, honeymoon

Like I said, he's a physicist who currently has a job teaching high school computer programming, physics, engineering, and math in a special program for super smart science-inclined high schoolers.  In a few years, he'll move on to grad school, tentatively going into medical physics (but again, his true passion is cosmology).

He's so supportive of me.  He loves that I've found crafting as a way of decompressing, and he even un-spools my yarn while we watch movies and I crochet/knit.

You tell me:
Do you have any pets or significant others?  I'm a sucker for a cute puppy or kitten picture *hint hint*

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Haul

This weekend my mom (the woman who got me started on all this crafting) and I spent our Saturday at Joann's.  We were there for hours, and I loved every minute of it.  I was overwhelmed with colors, patterns, and choices.  After pouring over all these lovelies, I finally decided on a few projects and snapped up the notions.

Project 1:  Basket Weave Blanket (inspired by Delia Creates)
When I saw this baby blanket on Delia's blog, I couldn't resist the chunky basket weave.  It's so different from anything I've seen or made before.  However, I don't have any buns in the oven (I don't think...) nor are my friends popping any out any time soon.  So I decided to make a full size version.

Project 2: Anthropologie Inspired Apron
It's been a few years since I've tried to sew anything (and many more since I've sewn anything successfully).  I figured I'd test the waters by making a simple apron, but there is nothing simple about this fabric.  I've been obsessed with ikat lately, so when I saw this print, I knew I had to have it--price be damned! (But even though it wasn't the cheapest fabric, it was a heck of a lot more affordable than I right fellow poor college  ladies?!)
It's a sort of double apron, the green will the on the bottom, while the ikat print will be layered over it, a bit shorter.  Hopefully, this will make the apron ten million times cuter (and more effective at protecting my clothes when I inevitably slosh a bit of soup from the pot onto my tummy.  Every. Time).

One snafu I noticed when I got home from the shop was that it'll be a couple of days before I can get started.  I  have no idea where my sewing kit is. We moved a couple of months ago, and along with my spare camera charger, ten coffee mugs, and my cutest clothes, it must have been gobbled up by the moving monster.  I have no way of even cutting the fabric to the pattern for now.  *le sigh*

Project 3 (In progress): Finish the nubbly blue afghan
I started this a few weeks ago, but it's a bit slow-going.  I'm so excited to get it done though because it is so warm and cuddly--I can already tell!

Tell me.  What did you work on this weekend?